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Many of the venues around the Uk now have become more carp orientated but there is still some very good fishing still to be had at these venues even though they may be dedicated to the carp angler. As such many of there venues can offer some fantastic pleasure anglers the opportunity to catch some quality specimens that are not fish for on such as regular basis. For the Carp angler we aim to let you know where there are some good quality fish to be caught from some really lovely surroundings.

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My name is John Scott and I have been an avid angler for over 35 years catching Carp to over 35lb, Pike to 30lb, Chub to 7lb, Tench to 9lb and Roach to 3lb. I started fishing at the tender age of 7, starting fishing on the Kentish Stour where I won a trophy for the largest Common Bream one season caught from the Canterbury And District Association Waters at “plucks Gutter”

One of my favourite lakes was Fordwich Lake, which lays just outside Canterbury. It is a vast moody lake that can throw up some fantastic fish if you are willing to put the time and effort into your fishing there. I have also enjoyed some funny experiences at Fordwich Lake with a good friend of mine by the name of “Carl Voss”. I will write a post about my fishing times on the blog pages in due course. The good, The bad and the downright terrible.

I was also lucky to fish with a gentleman by the name of “Ian Heaps” Ian is one of the best course anglers I have ever have the pleasure to fish with. His knowledge knows no boundary and he is without doubt one of the funniest anglers I have fished with.

I have enjoyed fishing many venues for all the normal species associated with course fishing with the exception of the Barbel. It is one that one day I will indeed endeavour to chase. I have enjoyed still water trout fishing and was taught to fly cast by none other than the great “Charles Jardine”.

About 1990 I decided to start fishing for the wiley old carp that inhabit our waters. What a learning curve that was in its day. I started with some of the original optonic bite alarms. Things have changed to a massive degree over the years and carp fishing is now far removed from when I started.

I hope to enjoy my fishing till the day I die and cant see myself ever hanging up my rods. I hope all my readers gain the information they are looking for when you visit my site, and in addition enjoy fishing as much as I have in the past and continue to into the future. Tight Lines